SMART Home Protection -Wireless Alarm Security Systems

Monitor •  Mobile Access • PIRs • Burglar/ Fire/ Flood Alert

When your burglar alarm system alerts you in the middle of the night,  initial confusion is followed by panic and then followed by fear. Your pulse begins to race and thoughts rush into your head… Who is in my house?  Should I go downstairs?  Should I hide? What if they attack me? Who can help me?  Is it a false alarm?  Hearing your burglar alarm at 3am is very scary, especially for the elderly and those living alone!

Being burgled while you’re away can leave people feeling violated, knowing someone has been through all of your personal belongings and stolen or ruined irreplaceable memories. More often than not they have also completely trashed your house at the same time. Keys are often stolen for a return visit and some cheeky thieves will even use your vehicle to cart your valuables away!

Discover a revolutionary new way to protect the people you love and the belongings you treasure

SMART Home Protection provides a complete alarm solution in one simple package, any possible mishap covered and protected against with one clever little box. And now with the arrival of SMARTVision, your peace of mind is greater than ever.

So what is SMARTVision?

SMARTVision is the smart way to protect your home as it provides you with a double peace of mind. Giving you up to date reports and pictures from your home direct to your Smart Phone or Tablet at any time of the day, SMARTVision is the future in home protection.

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  • Burglar Alarm (Fully Monitored)
  • Pet Friendly* Intruder Alarm
  • 24/7 Security Guard Response
  • Fire Alarm System
  • Medical Alert (with 2 way audio)
  • Panic Alarm
  • Personal Alarm Pendent
  • Flood, CO2, Gas Leak, Alerts
  • Wireless Installation
  • Smart Vision (Visual Verification PIR)

SMART Vision Mobile App Screenshot

smart home protection app

Guaranteed for life

If you’re serious about alarms, please explore the website and discover how an award winning Midlands based company can provide everything you need for burglar alarm systems, fire alarms, panic alarms and personal security in one fantastic package.

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* Subject to size, proximity of pet(s)