alarms for the elderly

This system includes:

  • 24hr link to AR
  • CKey Holder Response
  • Paramedic Response
  • 2 Way Audio
  • Smart Button
  • Alarm For Life Guarantee

The IndePENDANT was designed as an alarm for the elderly and reassurance for anyone who may be vulnerable. It’s is a small, lightweight, waterproof alarm button that can be worn around the wrist or neck as an alarm pendant. It allows you to move freely around the house or garden with the reassurance that help is just a button push away. The system is ideal for the elderly or anyone who wants a panic alarm while maintaining an independent lifestyle.

The button can be pushed to alert the monitoring station at any time for immediate help, whether you’ve had a fall or need a Paramedic, or maybe you just want somebody to listen-in when a tradesman calls – your alarm pendent is always to hand.

Personal Alarm Systems and pendants aren’t just for elderly people. Many users have physical disabilities or medical conditions and like the reassurance and comfort of knowing help is just a button push away.

The indePENDANT is not just a button to press for a fall or accident but is also used as a personal attack alarm in case of an intruder or a deterrent against bogus callers as our friendly and helpful operators are on hand to serve you night or day.

SMART Home Protection has a national network of response centres providing customers with peace of mind and the freedom for the elderly and vulnerable to live safely in their own homes – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

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How it Works
The IndePENDANT personal alarm communicates using the latest wireless radio technology to activate to the base unit (hub) whenever the button is pressed. The eye-catching hub has a built-in microphone and speaker so you can talk and hear throughout the house. In the event of an emergency, the alarm which is often worn as either a pendant, wristband or on a belt, activates an emergency call to an operator via the hub. Within seconds, an operator will be alerted to your call and talking to you. You can contact a relative, friend, neighbour or the emergency services –instantly. Giving you the peace of mind that someone is always there to respond whenever you press the button – day or night.

The IndePENDANT is so unobtrusive and comfortable you won’t even know you are wearing it!

A personal alarm service is quick and easy to install, anyone can do it.