Security Survey Reveals ‘Alarming’ Results!

Recent research by home security specialist, RISCO Group, reveals current attitudes towards alarm systems in the UK today, with surprising results.

Infographic courtesy of Risco Group, 2016.

Infographic courtesy of Risco Group, 2016.

In January 2016, Risco surveyed 4,237 British adults about their home security habits. Research was carried out via YouGov using a representative sample of adults aged 18+ and reveals some fascinating results.

“In particular, we were keen to uncover consumer attitudes towards intruder alarms and find out how, where, when, and why they are being used,” says Anna Royds, Head of Marketing at Risco Group. “We also wanted to see if there is an appetite for ‘smart’ alarm systems controlled by a smartphone or a tablet, and to ascertain how they would be used as part of a ‘connected home’.

“The results are fascinating and provide great insight into a fast-moving market where mobile technology, integration with other devices and user experience is increasingly important.”

It was revealed that, whilst 32% of householders have a security alarm system, less than half switch it on regularly, with 13% fearing false alarms, and some finding the process far too complicated.

Nearly 1 in 4 homeowners cite expense being a huge factor for not installing an alarm system, and 1 in 5 believe that having their home and contents insured is adequate enough for the eventuality of a break-in or fire.

Almost half of respondents with an alarm (46%) were interested in security systems which can be remotely operated and controlled by a smartphone or tablet – a clear indication of how integral technology is becoming in the modern Briton’s lifestyle.

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Alarm System is Top Deterrent for Burglars

Not only does a burglary strip you of your valuables and damage your property, it can also leave you feeling vulnerable and scared. To help ensure it doesn’t happen to you, Which? Magazine has gone straight to the root of the issue and interviewed 100 ex-burglars to find out what would deter them.


Which? asked its panel of ex-cons what would initially stop them from burgling a property and here’s what they came up with.


Alarm System

Alarm System

Alarms were seen as the strongest deterrent, with 71% saying that a house with an alarm system would make them think twice about breaking in. However, the more experienced criminal also recognised the fact that most people generally ignore household alarms nowadays, and stated:

“By the time anybody has taken any notice of an alarm, or come to the property, you are long gone.”

With this in mind, the majority (55%) stated that a monitored alarm system would be the most effective at putting them off as this type of alarm is connected to a call centre and triggers an immediate response.



dangerous-dog-breedsIf you’re thinking that you’re relatively safe due to the fact you have a rottweiler at home, you’d be sadly mistaken. Whereas a dog is seen by opportunists as an effective measure against intruders, the more experienced burglars viewed dogs as ‘friendly pets’ that they could easily be dealt with. One ex-burglar even explained how he went to the trouble of befriending the family pet over a number of days before he broke into the property!


People at Home


Just because you’re at home, it doesn’t mean you’re safe. With the majority of burglaries taking place at night there’s a fair chance you could be inside the property when a break-in occurs. This isn’t only traumatic, but potentially dangerous should you dare to confront the offender. Only half of all burglars interviewed said they would be put-off by a presence in the home.



CCTV and Security Lighting


Having a CCTV and lighting system installed may seem like instant peace-of-mind, however it is worth bearing in mind the fact that CCTV cameras can be covered up easily and, whereas it might help you catch your criminal, it won’t actually prevent the break-in from happening.

Less than half of all interviewees were concerned with a CCTV system, or security light, being in place.


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*Source: Which? Magazine, March 2016.

Home burglaries on increase as clocks go back

As winter approaches the clocks inevitably go back to mark the end of British Summer Time and the impending doom of darker nights… but it’s not simply a change of season that this signals.


Homeowners are being advised to be on their guard this autumn as a report by Co-Op Insurance, which analysed thousands of customer claims, revealed an alarming spike in burglaries in the five months following the reversion to Greenwich Meantime.

The research has attributed the 36% rise in home break-ins to the the fact that burglars find it far easier to hide under the cover of darkness during the winter months, with unoccupied houses being far easier to spot due to the fact they do not have lights on.

Head of claims at Co-op Insurance, Jonathan Guy, stated: “Unfortunately darker nights lead to more burglaries and we are urging people to be vigilant and think carefully about both their own, and their properties’, safety.”

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Cold Calling and Proud!

As a proactive alarm company, we call people up to present our services to them. As annoying this may be at meal times (and I understand the stigma attached to cold calling) … we still believe that this is the best way to conduct ourselves in search for business.  Why?Surely waiting for somebody to be burgled and then profiting from their misery is the wrong way round? Making money when somebody is FORCED to install an alert alarm, although necessary sometimes, is not the way I am comfortable doing business.We like to give prospects the choice. “Can you spare me a minute to talk to me today?” and then “is this something you want to learn more about?”. Of course we encourage you to spare us a minute and to learn more about us … that’s only because we are passionate and totally believe in our product.
We also know that EVERYBODY needs our product they just don’t know it yet … the reason they don’t know it is because it either takes a passionate pitch from one of my sales team OR a burglary to make somebody take stock of their own security situation.So ask yourself this question … are you proactive like we are … or reactive like most of the world? What is the point in securing your home AFTER a burglary if you weren’t prepared to do it BEFORE? A burglary will have you questioning certain aspects of the world with a suspicious mind for the rest of your life. You owe it to yourself to prevent that!

You are HIGHLY LIKELY to buy one after … why not save yourself a heap of heartache (and money) and take action before.

Who ya gonna call?

Arrived at work couple a weeks ago to find an abandoned vehicle on our car park. The car had visible damage to the front, was covered with a sheet but we could make out that the number plates had been removed.

Although it immediately seemed fishy, as we were the only business using the car park and despite there being a few flats around us none of the tenants owned a car, we did nothing but make a mental note.

A colleague said that there was an appeal for a hit and run whereby somebody had been killed and the car loosely fitted the description. So when two days later and the vehicle hadn’t moved my colleague decided to contact the Police.

The next day two PCSO’s turned up to investigate. They spent a minute looking at the vehicle then proceeded to explain to us that despite the vehicle having no number plates … it was parked on private land and therefore no further action was required. We insisted that it stuck out like a sore thumb but the PSCO’s weren’t interested and they left.

A week later the car still hadn’t moved. So I called the Police again and insisted that the vehicle was suspicious. It had been abandoned, covered up and nobody had returned to it for over a week. I explained that there was no number plate so I was asked to read out the VIN number which is displayed plain as day in the windscreen.

They cross referenced the serial number and BINGO! The vehicle had been involved in a burglary last year and had been flagged to be recovered if found for forensics.

So, two PCSO’s earning tax payers money, turned up at a car in which we insisted was suspicious as hell and yet they hadn’t even done the very least that was expected of them. How easy would it be to get on their radio and read back a serial number to establish the history of this vehicle? Yet for some reason they chose not to.

This car was involved in a burglary and the very people who are paid to detect, solve and prevent the crime either couldn’t be bothered to do their job properly or were badly trained by their disillusioned piers … either way it was disgraceful.

So let me ask you this. Who is the best person to prevent your home from being burgled?

The answer is you! … you cannot rely on anybody else to deter and prevent burglary because nobody cares more about you and your loved ones than you. Don’t be fooled into thinking that the Police do enough to keep your home safe. The Police Force is getting smaller and smaller and what little they have … clearly is not functioning efficiently.

Burglary is an expensive affair, financially but more importantly emotionally. Installing a monitored burglar alarm on the other hand is not an expensive affair … so what are you waiting for?!!

A Break-In vs a Buglary

Lots of people tell me “if somebody wants to break in, they will break in … nothing you can do to stop them so why bother?”

Well, I can’t disagree with the first part of that statement. If somebody wants to break in, unless you live with bars on your doors and windows, then yes they will probably find a way. I mean, didn’t somebody break into Buckingham Palace and visit the Queens bedroom?

Where my view changes is with the “why bother?” part of that statement.

A break in and a burglary are very different things in my book. A break in means somebody entered your property by forced means and probably left soon afterwards. A burglary means somebody entered your property by whatever means and then stayed for a time. During that time they search your drawers, cupboards, under your beds, wardrobes, even your fridge. They have helped themselves to anything they fancy along the way: jewellery, camera, electrical items like iPads or TVs. Maybe they took your car keys and your car, maybe they will come back for your car. They have seen your pictures of your kids / grandkids, your memories may have got broken, your secrets and private bits and bobs no longer feel private.

A burglary is a total invasion of privacy that leaves you feeling dirty and violated. Some never shake off that feeling whilst living in that home. It affects lives emotionally for a long long time. A break in is a broken door or window. Although neither are great, which would you choose if you had to?

So yes, you are so right … a break in is near on impossible to avoid .. a burglary however, is totally avoidable if you are prepared to act BEFORE the event.

Don’t wait till it happens. Remember burglaries cost more than just money. Speak to us about our expert burglar alarm installation.