Bungling police blamed for crime increase

Police officer in high-vis

Incompetent police officers have been blamed for crime increase as levels hit an all-time high, with Christmas crime rising by 20% in the last three years. Shocking new figures reveal that burglaries, thefts and robberies during the festive period have seen a drastic increase since 2014, with startling statistics also […] Read more »

5 signs that your home is being targeted for burglary

Burglars are rarely just opportunists. The experienced criminal will often do his homework, researching the area, the street and even the house he has targeted, to ensure that his crime spree goes without a hitch. While most of us don’t like to think that we are being watched, the stark […] Read more »

Top Ten Tips to prevent Christmas burglary

Burglary increases drastically over the Christmas period, with many insurance companies claiming that statistically you’re more likely to get burgled on Christmas Day than any other day of the year! We’ve put together our Top Ten Tips to help you protect your home this year. 1) Hide presents Don’t keep […] Read more »

Festive crime – surprising facts you may not know

We may enjoy a rest over the festive period but the burglars certainly don’t! In fact, Christmas time sees the rate of festive crime sky rocket making it the most important time of year to protect your property. Check out our Festive Crime infographic: Protect your home against burglary and […] Read more »