Which? calls for action on faulty household appliances

A recent investigation by consumer body Which? has revealed that faulty household appliances are responsible for more than 60 house fires each week in the UK. This “stubbornly high” figure highlights the fact that Government action to remove potentially dangerous electrical white goods from homes is falling “woefully short”, Which? […] Read more »

Is your skin cream a fire hazard?

Skin creams containing paraffin could be related to hundreds of fire-related deaths, a senior firefighter has suggested.  Chris Bell, watch commander of West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service, says that paraffin-based creams used to treat skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis can become highly flammable when they soak into […] Read more »

Faulty appliances cause 13 fires every day

Faulty appliance - fridge

Last year saw 4,732 fires caused by electrical products – that’s a staggering 13 fires every day. These latest figures, from charity Electrical Safety First, warns that millions of faulty appliances across the UK, that are already known to be dangerous, are still being used in homes. Since the Grenfell […] Read more »

Fake phone chargers are fire hazard

Mobile phone chargers are a huge business, with approximately 1.8 million being bought online in the UK every year. But fake phone chargers are swamping the market and they are potentially very dangerous indeed. Over the last four ears the UK has seen a six-fold increase in the number of […] Read more »

House fire hotspots

House fire hotspot infographic

Every day hundreds of people are injured or even killed in a house fire, most of which are preventable. The Grenfell Tower tragedy of summer last year is just one example of a devastating blaze that claimed the lives of numerous victims and affected many many more. Electrical Safety First […] Read more »