Cold Calling and Proud!

As a proactive alarm company, we call people up to present our services to them. As annoying this may be at meal times (and I understand the stigma attached to cold calling) … we still believe that this is the best way to conduct ourselves in search for business.  Why?Surely waiting for somebody to be burgled and then profiting from their misery is the wrong way round? Making money when somebody is FORCED to install an alert alarm, although necessary sometimes, is not the way I am comfortable doing business.We like to give prospects the choice. “Can you spare me a minute to talk to me today?” and then “is this something you want to learn more about?”. Of course we encourage you to spare us a minute and to learn more about us … that’s only because we are passionate and totally believe in our product.
We also know that EVERYBODY needs our product they just don’t know it yet … the reason they don’t know it is because it either takes a passionate pitch from one of my sales team OR a burglary to make somebody take stock of their own security situation.So ask yourself this question … are you proactive like we are … or reactive like most of the world? What is the point in securing your home AFTER a burglary if you weren’t prepared to do it BEFORE? A burglary will have you questioning certain aspects of the world with a suspicious mind for the rest of your life. You owe it to yourself to prevent that!

You are HIGHLY LIKELY to buy one after … why not save yourself a heap of heartache (and money) and take action before.