Fire Protection

Fire Protection

While burglars will pick and choose what they take from your home, fire will not… it will take everything and it kills!

Standard smoke detectors may alert you to a fire when you are in the house, but they offer very little protection when you’re out of earshot! What happens when you are deeply asleep, shopping, on holiday or simply away from home? People and pets can be quickly overwhelmed by smoke inhalation before they can raise the alarm!

The FireGUARDIAN is an intelligent Smoke and Fire Detection System which communicates to a central hub located within your home. In the event of activation the hub will alert the Fire Alarm Response Centre (FARC) which is manned by experts trained in dealing with emergencies that can contact and dispatch a Fire Engine to your home in its hour of need.

If you accidently trigger your smoke detector when burning your dinner, the two-way audio facility allows you to quickly and easily advise of false alarms.

With the amazing FireGUARDIAN, both you and the Fire Brigade are alerted at exactly the same time should the unthinkable ever happen.

Fire can destroy you home in less than 1 hour!
Fire doubles in size roughly every 60 seconds, so literally in the event of a fire EVERY SECOND COUNTS. Every home should have smoke detectors fitted and every home should have a smoke detection system that protects you and your family 24/7.

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Your home should be fitted with smoke alarms anyway, install fireGUARDIAN and have complete round the clock peace of mind from the fear of fire outbreak, and start having the best holidays, sleeps and shopping trips you have ever had.

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