Smart Vision

  • Real Time Alerts
  • Private Mobile connection
  • Smartphone links
  • Remotely arm/disarm or status alarm system check
  • PIR triggers visual captivation and sent privately to your mobile.
  • Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC)

So, what is SMART Vision?

SMART Vision is a revolutionary new way to protect your home combining classic age old techniques with cutting edge technology.

Motion sensors (PIRs) strategically placed around the home have in-built cameras. These camera do not continuously film but take snapshots when activated.  When an alarm is triggered our partnering Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) receives notification that the alarm has been activated, and you also receive the images from the PIR direct to 

your SMART phone or tablet. This means, when we contact you to discuss the activation you have photographic evidence of exactly what has set the  alarm off allowing the ARC to make the right decision every time on what to do next.

IP Cameras for both indoor and out, bring you high quality pictures and live streaming on request. With a built in microphone and speaker you can hear what’s happening on site and using your phone you can speak right back. Perfect for answering the door or keeping an eye on an elderly relative.

False alarms have literally become a thing of the past!

Not only that,  but you can request pictures direct from your phone or tablet at any point in time that you wish. Perfect for if you are on holiday and you want to check on the house, or you are waiting for a message from a family member telling you they are home safe and they forget to do it, you can visually check they are home within seconds at a click of a button.

Add in to the mix the fact you can use your phone or tablet to set and unset/disarm your smart home alarm at ANY time from ANY where really makes SMART Vision one of the most convenient and intelligent protection systems available.

Why SMART Vision?

  • You can set and unset your alarm at anytime and anyplace using your smart phone or tablet.
  • You can request pictures of your home whenever you wish, viewable within seconds.
  • You can check on an elderly relative, make sure they are up and mobile today.
  • You can ensure family members have arrived home safely.
  • You can make sure the teenagers are not partying whilst you are away.

You can easily and quickly identify the reason your alarm has activated, eliminating false alarms.

You can check on your pet.

You carry around the knowledge and peace of mind that your home and family are safe and sound in your pocket.

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