Lifetime Guarantee for Total Peace of Mind

With 3 full guarantees to protect your home and family you are in very safe hands with a SMART Home Protection system. Your investment in home security equipment is fully protected by not one but 3 guarantees.

Alarm for Life Guarantee

The ‘Alarm for Life Guarantee’ covers all the workings of your home security system. In the unlikely event of you suffering a fault with your alarm between our yearly services, we will replace the faulty part completely free of charge, and that includes all parts and even the batteries!

Secure Home Guarantee

The ‘Secure Home Guarantee’ covers you in the unlikely event that a property with one of our systems and bell boxes installed, is broken into. If this happens to you, we promise to pay any excess charges on any resulting insurance claim made. We have installed hundreds of systems, and are confident of making this pledge because we have NEVER had cause to pay anyone’s insurance excess.

Prompt Response Guarantee

The ‘Prompt Response Guarantee’ covers our emergency response. While different locations take longer to reach than others and weather and road conditions can also play their part, we guaranteed the immediate dispatch of a security guard to your home should the need arise.

alert alarm Please be aware that local guards are dispatched from local response centres on confirmation of an intruder. While they are on route, we are monitoring the situation though the 2 way dedicated communicator in your alarm control panel. The response team member at the local control centre will inform the intruder that a guard is on the way. This is an effective deterrent for somebody that really doesn’t want to get caught in the act.

So, if the unlikely happens and an intruder ignores the clearly marked alarm box and breaks in, he has to deal with a lot of deterrents. First there is the piercing alarm which is designed to disorientate through alternate tones and should send them scurrying away. If they are foolish enough to continue into your property, they are confronted with the voice of a stern guard from the control panel. The control centre will have already dispatched a guard to your home and will be asking the intruder for your unique password, which of course they won’t have. With increasing levels of stress, designed to drive them out of your home this is a fantastically effective way to deal with intruders!