Top Ten Tips to prevent Christmas burglary

Burglary increases drastically over the Christmas period, with many insurance companies claiming that statistically you’re more likely to get burgled on Christmas Day than any other day of the year!

We’ve put together our Top Ten Tips to help you protect your home this year.

1) Hide presents
Don’t keep your beautifully wrapped gifts underneath the tree or in full view of anyone that might peek through a window – it’s a clear advert that you have things to steal.

Don’t leave wrapped presents on show


2) Conceal packaging
If you’ve received some nice new items over the festive period, be careful when disposing of the packaging and boxes. Burglars will often go through rubbish bins during the festive period to see if you have anything of value, so a trip to the local refuse centre might be the best option.

3) Lock doors and windows
Whether you’re in or out, keeping your windows and doors locked is one of the most simple, yet effective, ways to keep would-be intruders out… and you’d be surprised how many of us don’t make this a regular habit.

4) Make it look like you’re home
Whether you’re away for a day or a week you can still make it appear that someone is home. Leaving lights on, or putting them on timers, is a great way to deter criminals. Also consider leaving a key with a trusted neighbour so they can keep an eye on things in your absence.

Leave lights on if you go out

5) Secure your bike
Bikes are one of the most commonly stolen items so if you’ve bought the children a new bike for Christmas, make sure you register it with, the UK’s national, Police approved, bicycle marking and registration scheme.

Bikes are one of the most stolen items at Christmas

6) No notes on doors
It’s a busy time of year, so a lot of us may miss parcel deliveries. Don’t advertise the fact that you’re out of the home by leaving a note on the door – it’s an open invite to a burglar!

7) Don’t leave spare keys out
Under the door mat… inside a plant pot… behind a rock… We’ve all done it, but these are common places to hide your front door keys and the burglars are well aware of our seemingly safe hidey holes! If you must leave a spare key out why not invest in a key safe?

8) Be careful on social media
If you’re going away for Christmas don’t advertise it on social media – no matter how great a holiday you’re having! Burglars will often comb social sites when they are weighing up a potential area to hit and your holiday pics will only advertise that your house is completely empty.

9) Mark all expensive items with a UV pen
Not so much a preventative method, but a good way to be reunited with your stolen goods should the worst happen. Consider registering with as well, this is the UK’s national property register for your goods and is officially recognised by the police.

10) Check alarms work and set them!
It may sound like a simple thing, but it’s surprising how many people don’t set their alarm every time they leave the house (almost a third of us!) So don’t be a statistic this Christmas – spend a moment checking your burglar alarm is in good working order and use it!

If you have a burglar alarm – set it!