Ashes stolen during distraction burglary

An elderly widow had her late husband’s ashes stolen during a recent distraction burglary.

Police have released images to the public asking them to help identify two men suspected of stealing the ashes along with cash, bank cards and jewellery.

Detective Robert Costigan described the incident as a “particularly harrowing crime” that has had a devastating impact on the 83-year-old victim.

Police said a man posing as a plumber convinced the woman to let him into her home in Greenwich, London saying there was a reported leak at the property.

When the man left, the woman realised that several items had been stolen, including a heart-shaped locket and a heart-shaped box that both contained her husband’s ashes.

Police believe that a second man entered the home while the victim was distracted by the man pretending to be a plumber.

Cases such as this recent distraction burglary highlight the increasing vulnerability of the older generation, as crime against the elderly is horrifyingly on the increase.

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Source: The Standard