A Break-In vs a Buglary

Lots of people tell me “if somebody wants to break in, they will break in … nothing you can do to stop them so why bother?”

Well, I can’t disagree with the first part of that statement. If somebody wants to break in, unless you live with bars on your doors and windows, then yes they will probably find a way. I mean, didn’t somebody break into Buckingham Palace and visit the Queens bedroom?

Where my view changes is with the “why bother?” part of that statement.

A break in and a burglary are very different things in my book. A break in means somebody entered your property by forced means and probably left soon afterwards. A burglary means somebody entered your property by whatever means and then stayed for a time. During that time they search your drawers, cupboards, under your beds, wardrobes, even your fridge. They have helped themselves to anything they fancy along the way: jewellery, camera, electrical items like iPads or TVs. Maybe they took your car keys and your car, maybe they will come back for your car. They have seen your pictures of your kids / grandkids, your memories may have got broken, your secrets and private bits and bobs no longer feel private.

A burglary is a total invasion of privacy that leaves you feeling dirty and violated. Some never shake off that feeling whilst living in that home. It affects lives emotionally for a long long time. A break in is a broken door or window. Although neither are great, which would you choose if you had to?

So yes, you are so right … a break in is near on impossible to avoid .. a burglary however, is totally avoidable if you are prepared to act BEFORE the event.

Don’t wait till it happens. Remember burglaries cost more than just money. Speak to us about our expert burglar alarm installation.