Burglaries could increase in hot weather

It may be hot hot hot out there, but that’s no excuse to let your home security slip.

We’re in the midst of a heatwave across the UK, with average temperature reaching a startling 28 degrees over the last few days… And, for a change, it seems set to last a little longer.

But with the hot weather comes the assumption that we’re safe to let our home security regimes slip a little as we struggle with the rising mercury.

Most of us will think nothing of sleeping with windows wide open overnight to allow a cooling breeze… however this is also an open invitation to burglars on the prowl.

Spending time in our gardens is one of our favourite summer day activities, yet how many of us actually remember to lock the front door and shut the windows in the house while we soak up the sun?

And don’t forget that sheds and garages are a prime target for many potential intruders, so it’s important you are locking your outbuildings up securely each and every night to stave off opportunists.

You might be thinking of going away for a beach holiday – remember to not only lock your property securely, set any alarms and leave a trusted friend or neighbour with a key, but also DON’T publicise the fact that your home is empty on social media. Many burglars will often use social media to watch a specific area for several weeks before they attack.

With a monitored security system, you can rest assured that your home is protected 24/7. It even includes a panic button to summon immediate assistance should you need it. Stay safe this summer and invest in complete peace of mind with Smart Home Protection.