Burglary – What You Need to Know

With crime on the increase across the UK there has never been a better time to invest in home protection and prevent a burglary.

• Burglary increases throughout the winter months, seeing a 25-30% rise due to opportunists taking advantage of the nights drawing in.

• Burglary ‘hotspots’ are not always the areas you think. Whilst most people believe they live in a ‘safe area’, it is often these areas which see the most crime as burglars will effectively seek out places with better reputations, due to a more relaxed attitude to home security.

• 25% of people stash their valuables in their underwear drawer or wardrobe. It is these places that burglars will often head for first, so it may be time to rethink your hidey holes.

Your drawers may not be the best hiding place for valuables

• The last couple of years has seen a sharp increase in break-ins to outbuildings and buildings not connected to the main residence, such as sheds and garages. This is because they are often forgotten about security-wise and contain highly-desirable items such as bicycles and power tools.

Sheds are a hotspot for break-ins

• Many people mistakenly think that having a dog offers adequate home protection. A dog is a great way of alerting people to a potential intruder with a warning bark, but they still often get ignored. Some burglars will actively befriend a dog and ply them with treats for their silence, and a steep increase in dog theft means that your four-legged friend is at just as much risk as you.

Dogs are not always a deterrent

• Only 9% of valuables taken in home break-ins are ever recovered. Home insurance may act as a safeguard for nondescript objects, but nothing can replace your sentimental belongings, such as jewellery from a since departed loved-one.

• 40% of homeowners have alarms, but only a third sets them consistently. This is often due to people realising the inadequacy of standard bell-ringing burglar alarms, which make a lot of noise, but are renowned for false alarms and considered an annoyance.

There is a simple and effective way to not only prevent burglary, but protect your home from attempted break-ins as well. A full home protection system from Smart Home Protection will provide complete peace of mind, protecting your home, family, valuables and pets with its wireless technology.

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* Images: pixabay.com