Christmas tree fires destroy homes

It takes less than a minute for a Christmas tree fire to take hold, spread to surrounding furniture and become completely out of control.

Whilst we hate to dampen the festive mood, it’s worth remembering that during the month of December there are roughly 102 house fires per day, resulting in 20 people per day being killed or injured. Christmas trees themselves are directly responsible for more than 200 domestic fires each and every year, so it’s worth ensuring your tree is put up safely.

With the festive season in full swing most of us have already put up our Christmas tree, or are planning to do so within the next couple of weeks.

At this exciting time of year, it’s easy to forget some of the basics which is why we’ve put in place a Christmas Tree Checklist to help keep you safe.

Christmas Tree Safety Checklist

Watered vs Dry

One of the biggest causes of Christmas tree fires is not faulty lighting, as previously thought, although this does not help… but it is the lack of water in the tree itself. The biggest mistake that owners of real trees make is neglecting to water their real tree, thus reducing the water content of the needles from 100% (difficult to catch fire) to 10% (extremely easy to catch fire).

Take a look at this video to see the difference between these two Christmas tree fires.


Monitored Fire Alarm

Fire Guardian – monitored fire alarm

Ensuring you have a proper working fire alarm is also an essential piece of kit for any home, and not just at Christmas time, but all year round. The Fire Guardian monitored alarm is an intelligent fire and smoke detection system for your home. You don’t ever need to worry about hearing a siren as it connects instantly to an alarm receiving centre, meaning you will always get an immediate response and the fire brigade sent out to assist.