Why Protect Your Home?

We would love to say no to you on this one however every single system we installed will be at the mercy of human error.  We can say that the technology within our systems is so advanced that we have reduced false alarms to an absolute minimum and do not expect our systems to trigger for no reason whatsoever (there will always be a cause) and with the introduction of cameras in our PIRS we can often shed light on exactly what that is.

Our Alarm Receiving Centre does follow a strict protocol on every alarm they receive; this quickly eliminates any alarm triggered by yourselves making unnecessary responses highly unlikely.

Well, if you move you have a couple of options.  With all of our systems being wireless transporting them to a new address is very straight forward and something we would be happy to do for you.  Please make sure you give us notice.   Also it is very easy to ‘add to’ or ‘take away’ from the system, so whether  you are up scaling or down scaling the system will continue to be bespoke to your needs.

Not with the correct planning.  We install pet smart PIR’s which, in a nutshell, recognise shape and size.  This will prevent your average size family pet (Labrador dog for example) from being picked up by our motion sensors.  If your pet is larger then we can simply use different types of device to protect the specific rooms that your large pet has access to.   But please remember, your pet is a part of the family and is just as important to protect as any other family member.  Do not let the fact you have a large dog be the reason you do not fully protect your house and home.  A big dog may be a deterrent to some intruders but not to all and certainly no deterrent in the event of fire.

That really depends on a lot of factors so is very difficult to quote accurate figures here.  We first need to establish what protection you expect from your system and of course the size of your home.  That is why we do pressure free site surveys, so we can quote you accurately … we hate hidden costs as much as you do.

Not at all.  It is a fact that you are statistically less likely to be broken into if you have a modern monitored alarm system installed.  Also, we install full time smoke detectors with most of our systems.  This is an early warning alarm which will get a rapid response whether you are at home or not.  Every single home has something worth protecting; if it isn’t the items within it then it is you and your family members.

That really does depend on who you insure your home with.  We have some clients who save up to 20%, but that doesn’t mean you will.  Insurance companies look at all sorts of factors and not just your protection system.  We recommend that you have a shop around to make sure your premiums are competitive.

The pace of modern living means that passers by or neighbours no longer question the validity of a Bell system, indeed most people say they ignore ringing bells as they tend to be false alarms.

No, a monitored alarm is linked to an Alarm Response Centre which acts as a hub between you and your property and the emergency services you may need.

No, The system is fully automated and protects you, your family and your property 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, every single week of the year.

Yes, there are alarm pendants that work with the main system, it can be used as medical or panic alarm  or simply to have someone listen in when a stranger calls. Coupled with the optional cameras that can be fitted into the PIR motion detectors gives total  peace of mind while retain freedom and independence.

No. The system is wireless so the impact on your home is minimal. Although a permanent wired connection is required to power the base unit all other components are wireless technology and our electrical engineers will install the average system in three to four hours.

Our monitored systems protect you, your family and your home from;

  • Intrusion when your are away or asleep, alerting both Police and dedicated security guard services.
  • Fire, alerting the fire service to the presence of fire in your home.
  • Medical crisis, alerting not only family and friends, but also medical professionals.

The system can operate on both PSTN, ISDN phone lines as well as GSM mobile networks.

Yes, the system has a built in Lithium power backup to maintain protection for up to 13 hours in the event of a power cut.