Funniest Bungling Burglars Caught on CCTV

CCTV is a great way to further enhance your security and protect your home and family, however it can also capture some hilarious moments that would otherwise go unnoticed. We’ve put together a few of the funniest bungling burglars who were completely unaware that they were being filmed.

Bad Day Gets Worse

Not only did this dopey thief forget to bring a bag for his stash, he dropped most of his ill-gotten $20,000 on the floor, and then found the tyres on his getaway vehicle were flat… so he was chased on foot by police, where he slipped on ice, hit his head and was subsequently arrested. Could his day get any worse?!

Courtesy of BBC News.

Clumsy Crook

We’re not sure if this vandal was in disguise, or just wearing his normal attire, but we get a feeling he won’t be too difficult to catch… especially if his clumsy escape-style mimics this one!

Courtesy of The Telegraph.

It’s a Knockout!

Two Chinese criminals have been labelled among the ‘world’s dumbest burglars’ for this act of sheer hilarity. The first carefully aims and throws a brick at the window, however his accomplice knocks him clean out with an ill-timed shot!

Courtesy of Original Jedi Watching.

On the Rebound

Ahhh rubber bricks… the arch nemesis of the bungling burglar! Not only does the main perpetrator not realise he has inadvertently hit his sidekick with a bouncing brick, but he goes on to fire another, only for it to ricochet straight into his face!

Courtesy of

Wide Open Space

The effort this chap puts into opening the window only makes him appear more foolish once he realises that the other side is open to the elements. His dejected swagger says it all!

Courtesy of Salvo Verte.

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