Grenfell children give Alternative Christmas Message

Five children who survived the horrific Grenfell Tower blaze earlier this year will come together on Christmas Day to deliver Channel 4’s Alternative Christmas Message.

Children survivors of Grenfell Tower

The children, who narrowly escaped with their lives, include Hayam Atmani, aged 10, who lived with her family on the 15th floor. She has fond memories of the flat and its beautiful views, however her thoughts are blighted by the night of the tragic event.

“All we could see was this big flame on the side of the building,” she says.

Now living in a small hotel with her family, Hayam wishes everyone a Merry Christmas. “My message for everyone at Christmas is to stay as a family, and don’t suffer about anything.”

Burning Grenfell Tower
Grenfell Tower tragically caught fire in June of this year.

Luana Gomes, aged 12, and her sister Megan, aged 10, lived higher up on the 21st floor, remembers past Christmases at Grenfell.

“We always got a real tree… We would all gather around the tree and open our presents together.”

The family only just managed to escape from the doomed tower, with both girls being placed into induced comas and treated for smoke inhalation. They have now moved into a temporary flat where they will spend Christmas.

Despite the horrific event, Megan is thinking of others at Christmastime, and says: “I think all families, children and parents should have a nice warm cosy home. I just want everyone in the world to have a house.”

Channel 4 invited the children to speak about their experiences to the nation as 18 children were among the 71 fatal victims of the Grenfell disaster.

The alternative Christmas Message will be broadcast on Channel 4 at 2.30pm on Christmas Day.

*Source: Image courtesy of Channel 4.