24/7 Monitoring

Security products for your home

Monitored PIR’s consist of a tiny pin-hole CCTV camera hidden inside an alarm motion detector also known as a PIR (Passive InfraRed Sensor). When the alarm is triggered, through burglary, fire or the alarm pendant or bracelet (IndePENDANT) the monitoring station can not only hear through the alarm panel, but can also see through the camera(s) and check the situation.

This is particularly useful to warn the approaching security guard where the intruder(s) are within the building, to capture footage for the police should they flee as soon as challenged by the 2 way voice control or even if someone has a stroke or fall and can’t speak.

Every home is different, as is every home owner so each one needs to be protected in a different way. That is why every single Protection System we plan is tailored to your needs and your home. Installation is a quick, clean and easy process.

We promise no fuss, no wires, no mess