Rapid Response Security

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Rapid Response Security

A monitored alarm means a security guard is ready & willing to help

When your alarm is triggered while you’re not home or worse in the dead of the night; it’s comforting to know a fully trained security officer has been despatched and is on the way.

The alarm system is monitored and has a 2 way audio facility to quickly verify whether it’s a real alarm. Mobile security officers are based regionally and are despatched immediately.

Unfortunately the police are often at full stretch and often turn up long after the event! The key to good home security and total peace of mind is an alarm monitoring service. Its proven cost effectiveness offers efficient protection for every situation. Whether you are at work, shopping, on holiday or just relaxing in front of the television with the family, help is never far away.

The Home Guard Response Service is also underwritten with the Prompt Response Guarantee. Smart Home Protection offers one of the fastest response services anywhere in Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

Not sure if a monitored alarm is right for you?

Ask yourself how much attention you pay when you hear a burglar alarm bell in the street you live in? Do you glance over, tut because the sounder is still wailing 30 minutes later? The fact is we hear alarms all the time and have learnt to ignore them! They are no longer an effective deterrent. Some ring for hours and nobody takes a blind bit of notice. Think about the last time you heard one going off, what action did you take?

Everybody knows conventional burglar alarms are mostly ignored – including the burglar!

Basic security alarms used to be an effective way to protect your property, but as they are not monitored by anyone in your absence, they only offer a partial solution.

Smart Home Protection, offer monitored home protection systems that are tracked through your telephone line (or via GSM) at a control centre by experienced professionals 24/7. This means you can go on holiday, work, shop, or sleep soundly, safe in the knowledge that your home is protected.

Should a break-in occur, a security officer is on the way and the key-holders are notified immediately.

If it isn’t monitored 24 hours a day it is not 100% protected! You value your home for 100% of the time, so why not secure it for 100% of the time.

A standard smoke alarm is a wonderful life saver when you are in the house and within earshot, but what happens whilst you are at work, shopping or on holiday, it can’t call the emergency services for you! A monitored fire detector system does – your chances of saving your cherished and irreplaceable possessions are massively increased.

With a Monitored Home Protection System from SMART Home Protection you are getting a system that protects you, your family and your property whether you are at home or not.