Homes not safe as clocks go forward

The clocks may be due to go forward at the end of the month, but this is no reason to take your finger off the pulse when it comes to your home security, in fact, quite the opposite!

On 31st March, the clocks will go forward by one hour, reverting to Daylight Saving Time in the UK. It’s at this time of year that most of us breathe a sigh of relief as we know we can look forward to warmer weather, lighter nights and an increased sense of well-being that only the long sunny days can bring. However, when the sun comes out, so do the burglars, with opportunistic intruders taking advantage of people’s more relaxed approach to home security. In fact, opportunistic burglaries account for 37% of all home thefts during the summer months.

So how can you ensure that your home is still protected this summer? Read our Top Tips to find out more.

  • Close doors and windows when not inside the home

Letting in the fresh air is all well and good, but if you pop out to the garden, remember to close your house windows. It may seem silly if you’re only going to be mere feet away in our garden, but it only takes seconds for a burglary to jump in through an open window. The same goes for keeping your front door locked, even when you’re inside. It’s astonishing how many burglars will brazenly walk up to a front door and casually open it to gain access.

  • Protect your sheds and garages

Outbuildings are a huge lure for burglars, with most of us keeping quite high-end valuables in our sheds and garages, such as bikes, cars and tools. A padlock on your outbuildings is a basic must, but have you ever thought about securing them properly with a monitored alarm? If you have expensive equipment, then taking the necessary precautions to protect your valuables is highly recommended.

  • Don’t leave valuables in plain sight

A lot of us are guilty of this. We walk in and throw our car keys and mobile phone on the kitchen worktop, we dump our handbags and wallets at the bottom of the stairs, and we leave our laptop bags in the hallway. Anybody peering through your windows can see all your tempting valuables laid out in plain sight, and it’s only a matter of time before the temptation is too much and your home gets broken into. Putting your belongings out of sight decreases the chances of them going missing as most opportunistic burglars are only interested in the ‘smash and grab’ approach. By hiding them, you are making it much more hard work for thieves, and this is a huge deterrent.

  • Don’t leave spare keys outside

Alarmingly, 1 in 4 of us still have a spare key secreted somewhere on their property. But burglars are not as stupid as we give them credit for. They know your key is under the plant pot or doormat, or tucked on the ledge above the porch, or even sitting in the guttering above the front door! Don’t invite people to access your home, not only does it increase your chances of burglary, but it could invalidate your insurance too!

Whilst many people will dismiss this idea as ‘too expensive’, it’s certainly the cheaper option in the long run! When you think of the amount of expensive equipment you have in your home (cars, jewellery, TVs, phones, laptops, tablets… the list goes on) is it even worth risking it all? A staggering three quarters of UK homeowners still don’t have a burglar alarm and, in the midst of what the newspapers are calling ‘Crimewave Britain’ it’s something that we all should be seriously considering.

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