Protect your property with SelectaDNA

Protect your valuables from theft with SelectaDNA – a police approved DNA property marking product proven to reduce burglaries by up to 83%.*

Protecting your home against burglary is something that most of us will agree is a good idea. But how many of us protect our household contents?

Whilst most of us will have household insurance, this will only deal with the aftermath of a burglary, when our belongings have gone and cannot be recovered. But there are measures that can be taken to increase the chances of tracking down your precious items and getting them returned to you.

What is SelectaDNA marking?

SelectaDNA kits provide advanced forensic marking of your property. Each SelectaDNA kit contains a unique DNA code which you rub onto your belongings. This code allows police to identify and return your property, and it also allows them to link criminals to the crimes that they commit. Plus having your items marked with SelectaDNA is a huge deterrent to potential intruders.

Watch the video below to find out more about SelectDNA.

How SelectaDNA marking works

SelectaDNA property markers contain thousands of microdots which allow police to identify property at the scene in a matter of seconds. Thieves can no longer get away with possessing stolen property when confronted by Police.

UV tracers are incorporated in SelectaDNA to make it easy for police to find thieves who have been sprayed with SelectaDNA and property that has been marked.

SelectaDNA is tested to PAS 820 and its Grade A External ranking is the highest in the industry. Even when applied outdoors it will protect your property for at least five years.

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Secure database

SelectaDNA’s Secure Asset Register conforms to the highest global security and quality standards; ensuring that clients’ data is kept safe at all times.

Police from around the world have access to the database, allowing 24/7/365 searches when property is recovered or perpetrators apprehended.

How to use SelectaDNA

Step 1 – Use SelectaDNA to mark and protect your property.
Step 2 – Use window signs and stickers to show that your possessions are protected.
Step 3 – Register your unique DNA code on the SelectDNA secure database.

how selectadna marking works

Each SelectaDNA kit contains enough DNA to mark 50 items and the DNA distributed onto your items hss a five year durability.

*Police trial based on a 1,000 home crime reduction initiative in North Manchester, 2010-2011.