Rural Crime Drastically on the Rise

Last year alone rural crime cost the UK £39.2 million, and NFU Mutual’s recent findings suggest that this figure could well be on the rise.

It was barely a generation ago that rural crime was relatively unheard of, with farmers only having to worry about the odd lost sheep or hand tools being taken. Today, rural crime is an organised crime of experienced gangs who target farm machinery, tools and livestock. Not only does this cause increasing anxiety for those living the country life but it is also costing the country millions of pounds each year.

NFU Mutual is the UK’s leading rural insurer, providing cover to more than 70% of farmers, as well as many thousands of additional businesses. NFU’s latest rural crime report analyses its claims data annually to assess the state of crime in the countryside, and identifies trends emerging to provide an accurate insight into the state of rural crime and the impact it has across the country.

The cost of crime:

Source: NFU Mutual Rural Crime Report


With criminals becoming more brazen, both in urban and rural areas, and a distinct reduction in police resource, it is no surprise that crime is indeed on the increase. NFU’s annual survey of farmer attitudes indicates that more and more are attempting to turn their properties into fortresses, or even turning their back on the trade completely.

Emerging trends:

Source: NFU Mutual Rural Crime Report


Improving Rural Security

Improving your security is crucial in protecting your property and attempting to stamp out rural crime. no two businesses are the same, however fitting a reputable monitored security system is a good first step to preventing rural theft.

Source: NFU Mutual Rural Crime Report


Smart Home Protection provides a wireless monitored security system, as well as CCTV systems, which means that outbuildings, barns and sheds can be easily protected. What’s more, the system is monitored 24/7, alerting an alarm receiving centre when triggered and guaranteeing an immediate response every time.

A clever PetSmart mode means that your farm dogs and cats are still able to roam throughout the property without setting off the alarm, providing you with complete peace of mind that your home and business is protected.

See the full NFU report.