Smart Security

Security products for your home

24/7 Monitored Alarm

Protect your property and deter intruders

Our Smart Home alarm system is fully-monitored and connected to a 24 hour alarm receiving centre, meaning that the second your alarm triggers, we are already aware and acting on your behalf.

Guards will always be dispatched immediately to your home upon receipt of a confirmed intruder. The guards are ready, trained and qualified to deal with whatever they may encounter, the aim being to provide an effective response to genuine intruder alarms.

Providing service 365 days of the year, regardless of the time, both day and night, you can rest reassured that your home is fully protected, whether you are home or away.

Along with a fully monitored smart security solution, you can also choose to include smart smoke and fire detectors for added protection as part of the initial installation, or as an add-on at a later date.

Customers can also feel an increased sense of security by adding a smart assist button to their system. This notifies keyholders in the event of any emergency or when help is urgently required.

With a smart security system you can rest assured that potential intruders will be immediately deterred from breaking into your property.