Additional Products

Security products for your home

Key Safe

Rather than leaving your key with a neighbour, or under a plant pot, a key safe is a safe, secure and police-approved solution to ensure that the people that matter can access your home, and the intruders can’t.

• High security, push button key safe
• Uk Police approved under the Secured by Design scheme
• Independently tested and certified to Sold Secure Bronze
• Specifically designed for outdoor use
• Allows authorised persons to access a property
• 12 button design gives a high number of potential differs
• Back fixing

SelectaDNA Property Marking Kit

SelectaDNA kits provide advanced forensic marking of your property. Each SelectaDNA kit contains a unique DNA code which you rub onto your belongings. This code allows police to identify and return your property, and it also allows them to link criminals to the crimes that they commit. Plus having your items marked with SelectaDNA is a huge deterrent to potential intruders.