Assist 24

Assist24 – Personal GPS Tracking Alarm

The Assist24 Personal Alarm is the perfect addition for elderly or vulnerable loved ones. Not only will they feel safe and secure wearing it, but you have complete peace of mind that they can get instant assistance, should it be needed.

Safety Made Simple…

Assist24 is a small, discreet, pebble-shaped personal alarm designed to be carried on the person, wherever and whenever needed. With a SIM card inside, Assist24 literally goes anywhere. One press of the SOS button and within seconds our trained and experienced care team at our Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) are talking through the device, quickly establishing what assistance is required and arranging for it urgently.

Many similar pendants rely on being within range of a control panel to work providing you cover for when you are at home only. With these older systems if you have an accident in a different room to panel or the garden, establishing communication is difficult or impossible so may delay the correct response. With Assist24 you are covered anywhere there is a mobile phone signal, so if you are gardening, shopping in town or upstairs in shower Assist24 is ready to go and able to provide full and clear communication.

Automatic Fall Detector

The innovative Assist24 system is intuitive enough to sense a fall and raise the alarm instantly, even if the wearer is unable to press the SOS button themselves. The pendant will recognise impact, change in height and angle, allowing the ARC to respond immediately and talk to the wearer through the device. If the wearer has lost consciousness or is unable to respond, the ARC will be able to track the wearer’s location and assist them. If the wearer accidentally sets off the alarm, it can be easily cancelled by pressing the button on the device.

Instant Notification

Assist24 provides location information to our ARC and also to a loved one, so if wearer doesn’t know where they are or unable to communicate, help will still be sent to the correct place. The device, when text, will reply with battery life and a Google Map reference at any time to anyone with the number, ideal if you are a family member wanting to locate an elderly parent.

Long Battery Life

Assist24 has a 4-5 day battery life depending on use. Charging it couldn’t be simpler as it sits in a base much like a cordless telephone and takes approximately 4 -5 hours to fully charge. Device will text a nominated number when battery drops below 20% so a family member can remind the user to charge if forgetful.

Water Resistant

Assist24 is shower and rain proof allowing wear whatever the weather.  Other pendants are not waterproof and need removing before showering leaving the user vulnerable, Assist24 is literally a twenty-four-hour solution providing round the clock peace of mind.

Assist24 Features:

  • Discreet, ergonomic design.
  • Providing peace of mind wherever there is mobile signal.
  • Fall sensor detects if the wearer takes a tumble.
  • Two-way audio allows communication between wearer and Alarm Receiving Centre.
  • GPS tracking can accurately pinpoint the location of the wearer.
  • Location text reports for family members.
  • Water resistant.
  • Can be worn on wrist, round neck or on keys.
  • Up to 5 days battery life.

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