Smart security on the rise new figures show

New figures have revealed that UK homeowners are increasingly turning to smart security using the latest technology to secure their properties.

A recent survey by of 2,001 British adults showed that 31% are using smart security, with 41% saying that they are me concerned than ever before about their home security.

CCTV topped the list of most popular security technology with 52% having installed this system to the outside of their properties.

Of the people surveyed, 35% had a video doorbell to keep themselves and their loved ones safe, whilst 33% had a smart alarm installed to provide peace of mind. Just 17% had window and door sensors to detect when a potential intruder tries to break-in.

The reason for this uptick in smart technology is due to both crime being on the increase and the price of alarm systems becoming more accessible, as 38% agreed that price had previously been an issue for them.

Investing in a monitored security alarm, such as the Smart Home Protection system, can be an invaluable asset to protect your home and your family. The system is designed to provide protection against virtually any emergency that can occur in the home. It comes with a state-of-the-art intruder alarm, a fire alarm and a panic/medical button, all of which are monitored 24/7 and connect straight through an alarm receiving centre, so help is always at hand.