Is A Bell Only Alarm Enough?

When was the last time you heard a burglar alarm ringing out in the street? They are something that we hear or a fairly regular basis, maybe you hear them more often than you would like. So, the last time you heard one, honestly what did you do about it? Shut your window? Turned your TV up?

For the last 20 years the police aren’t interested in responding to just a ringing bell so the real question to be asked is actually what CAN be done about it? The answer is not a lot.

Perhaps you are hoping for your neighbour to wander over but do we really want our neighbours getting involved? Maybe this is the one time it isn’t a false alarm and you are being burgled, your neighbour finds themselves face-to-face with the intruder… Now what? Who knows what might happen?

The most likely scenario, if we are being honest, is your alarm is to be ignored by all and thankfully so.

This is your home, your treasured possessions, your family, your life’s work all in one place, under one roof… is a ringing bell enough to protect it all?

We believe not.

Your SmartHub

This is where SmartHub from SMART Home Protection is a perfect balance of convenience and effective protection, bringing real peace of mind to all those who have it.

SmartHub is connected through your internet (or sim card) immediately reporting any activations directly to an app on any Apple or Android device. It also alerts our Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) who can ‘visually verify’ the presence of an intruder and alert the police immediately. The police are keen to respond.

For a full description of the features and benefits of SmartHub please read on, but here are just a few of the highlights:

Alarm Receiving Centre Reporting
Visual Verification
Police Alert
Full Control Of SmartHub Via Mobile App
Multiple App Users
Safe Return Notification
Constant Link To Home
Home Automation Add-On
Fully Bespoke
Full Support

All of this and more for less than a bottle of wine a week. Use SmartHub to protect your home the right way.

SmartHub – The Smart Wireless Security System 


Wirefree Technology

The brand new SmartHub Security System is a fast and effective way to fully protect your home and family. SmartHub is subtle and wirefree allowing you to protect even those hard-to-reach corners of your home.

Stay Connected with the Mobile App

As you go about your day, our state-of-the-art smart device app travels with you and enables you to control, arm and disarm your security from any location in the world.  Keeping you in direct contact with your home at all times, the app brings you massive reassurance that your home and family are safe and secure.

Instant Notification

Never will your alarm be ignored! SmartHub provides an alarm solution which isn’t just going to sound in the street to annoy the neighbours and ultimately be ignored. SmartHub will provide you regular notifications to your app of all events occurring in alarm. If can even alert you to the safe return of a child or other family member.

Camera Sensors

SmartHub has a range of sensors to ensure safety in your home from an all manner of mishaps including camera motion sensors which will take snap shots and deliver them to your smart device fast, enabling you to quickly identify between false alarms and real burglary events. You can even take snapshots on request.

Pan & Tilt Technology

Our brand new pan and tilt camera allows you to live stream high definition video direct from inside your home. You can also hear what is going on and talk back through the camera to challenge any intruder or to check on the welfare of a family member. Because the camera has a Pan & Tilt facility you can move it a full 360 degrees using your smart phone.

24/7 Monitoring service

Your SmartHub will be connected to, and monitored by, an Alarm Receiving Centres (ARC). This means that when your alarm is triggered it will alert an ARC, which is manned 24-hrs a day, and they will take the necessary actions to ensure your security.
Monitoring is a huge benefit because there are many occasions throughout the day where access to a smartphone or tablet is difficult or impossible, like when you’re asleep, driving, out of signal or out of battery. With the ARC link -up, these situations don’t matter to you as the ARC will ALWAYS react and respond to your alarm. They will even visually verify an incident on your behalf and send for the Police.

SmartHub – The Smart Interactive Wireless Security System 

What you get:

• 1 x SMART Hub
• 1 x Internal Siren
• 1 x Keypad

• 2 x Sensors
• 2 x Camera Sensors
2 x Deterrent Signs
• 1 x Pan & Tilt HD Cloud Camera
• 1 x Installation/Set-up Demo

App & Monitoring*

• Full Parts Warranty
• Android/Apple App
• Remote Set/Unset/Part-set
• Real-time Alarm Notifications
• Safe Return Notifications
• SIM Card
• Receive Images on Camera Activation
• Visual Verification allowing Police Alert
• Images on Demand
• Live Stream on Demand
• Pan & Tilt Technology
• Full Two-way Audio
• Record Stream on Mobile Device

* Smart Alarms with alerts subject to monthly service fee, which is collected by Direct Debit, and vary dependent upon the level of service you require.

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