The REAL cost of burglary

New research has revealed the real impact that a burglary has on a family and home… and it’s more than just monetary items which are lost.

Upset family after burglary

The survey, commissioned by Verisure and conducted by Opinion Matters, involved 1002 respondents who had been burgled in the UK. The study found that more than half of household break-ins occur when someone was at home, and that 86% of these incidents seriously affected household members, with at least 17% of victims having to move house due to feeling unsafe.

Barbara Oakley, Operations Manager, Victim Support, sheds more light on the aftermath of a burglary.

“Burglary not only robs victims of their physical possessions – it can also rob people of their sense of security at home, a place where everyone should feel safe. The impact can last not only for a few days, but months after the burglary has taken place,” she says. “Every year burglary affects over 435,000 households across England and Wales and, even if nothing is stolen, most people feel anxious and less secure in their home afterwards.”

Overview of Survey Results:

 • 91.5% of people burgled did not have a monitored alarm system, but over 73% of burglary victims increased their peace of mind after installing one.

• Over 53% of house burglaries in the UK occur when someone is at home.

• 86.9% of burglaries significantly affected members of the household.

• Over 17% of victims move home because of the burglary.

• Over three in ten (31%) burglary victims say their home doesn’t feel like it used to.

• 13% say they are too scared to be at home.

• Parents are 63% more likely to feel unsafe after being burgled than those who don’t have children.

• 70.9% of children have been negatively impacted emotionally by the burglary.

• Just under half (49%) who have been burgled said they had no major form of security installed at their home, only locks on the doors and windows.

• 14% said they had to seek emotional support following the incident.

• 1 in 8 people who have been burgled admitted to still feeling vulnerable up to six months after being burgled.

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