The top ten domestic appliances most likely to catch fire

It’s not always possible to switch off every single electrical item when we leave the home – unless you want a defrosted freezer and a risk of food poisoning! Simply being aware of the domestic appliances and white goods which are high risk can help keep you safer in your own home.

House on fire
A devastating house fire takes hold


Domestic appliances at risk

1) 19% washing machines (482)
2) 18% tumble dryers (460)
3) 15% electric cookers including oven (388)
4) 9% Dishwashers (238)
5) 8% Fridges/freezers ( 208)
6) 5% Extractor fans (136)
7) 5% Grill/Toasters (135)
8) 4% Microwaves (109)
9) 4% Other domestic appliances (92)
10) 3% Washer dryer combos (66)

*Based on a total of 2,562 domestic appliance fires in 2015/16. Only fires caused by faulty appliances and leads and faulty fuel supplies are included in this list.

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