Who ya gonna call?

Arrived at work couple a weeks ago to find an abandoned vehicle on our car park. The car had visible damage to the front, was covered with a sheet but we could make out that the number plates had been removed.

Although it immediately seemed fishy, as we were the only business using the car park and despite there being a few flats around us none of the tenants owned a car, we did nothing but make a mental note.

A colleague said that there was an appeal for a hit and run whereby somebody had been killed and the car loosely fitted the description. So when two days later and the vehicle hadn’t moved my colleague decided to contact the Police.

The next day two PCSO’s turned up to investigate. They spent a minute looking at the vehicle then proceeded to explain to us that despite the vehicle having no number plates … it was parked on private land and therefore no further action was required. We insisted that it stuck out like a sore thumb but the PSCO’s weren’t interested and they left.

A week later the car still hadn’t moved. So I called the Police again and insisted that the vehicle was suspicious. It had been abandoned, covered up and nobody had returned to it for over a week. I explained that there was no number plate so I was asked to read out the VIN number which is displayed plain as day in the windscreen.

They cross referenced the serial number and BINGO! The vehicle had been involved in a burglary last year and had been flagged to be recovered if found for forensics.

So, two PCSO’s earning tax payers money, turned up at a car in which we insisted was suspicious as hell and yet they hadn’t even done the very least that was expected of them. How easy would it be to get on their radio and read back a serial number to establish the history of this vehicle? Yet for some reason they chose not to.

This car was involved in a burglary and the very people who are paid to detect, solve and prevent the crime either couldn’t be bothered to do their job properly or were badly trained by their disillusioned piers … either way it was disgraceful.

So let me ask you this. Who is the best person to prevent your home from being burgled?

The answer is you! … you cannot rely on anybody else to deter and prevent burglary because nobody cares more about you and your loved ones than you. Don’t be fooled into thinking that the Police do enough to keep your home safe. The Police Force is getting smaller and smaller and what little they have … clearly is not functioning efficiently.

Burglary is an expensive affair, financially but more importantly emotionally. Installing a monitored burglar alarm on the other hand is not an expensive affair … so what are you waiting for?!!